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Updated: August 13, 2008

Mission / Design Assurance

Mission assurance is a critical consideration for all spacecraft subsystems and national-asset satellite programs that must operate unattended for many years in a hostile radiation environment receive much attention during the development phase to ensure final mission success.

The mission assurance considerations classically center on performance verification under End Of Life (EOL) conditions since the on-orbit degradation associated with aging and radiation effects cannot be validated by testing the system under Beginning Of Life (BOL) conditions. Each DDES program is keenly aware and focused on mission success and mission assurance.

Our involvement in verifying the performance of each new development through the mission assurance program controls has demonstrated, over time and through success, our understanding of requirements and the methods used to verify final mission success. We apply these same proven processes and techniques to each new development program to ensure final mission success.

Core Understanding and Discipline

  • Systems Engineering
  • Electrical Design (Command, Telemetry, Timing, Power, RF)
  • Mechanical Design (Packaging, Thermal, Structural)
  • Design Assurance (Mission Assurance, Radiation Effects, EMI/EMC)
  • Test Validation (Custom STE Development, Test Program)
  • Program Management (Commercial Space, Military, National Asset)